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A "one man band" is something that is performed on a girl. Other definitions here say it's when a guy gets a finger in the butt during a blowjob, but 2 things hardly constitutes a "band."

My understanding is that a one man band is cunnilingus plus the shocker. That is, sucking or licking the clit while using index and middle finger inside the vagina, and the pinky in the B.H.

I also hear it's pretty awesome. I don't have a vagina so I can't be sure.
Girls have been known to blackout from a one man band. Use with caution, my friend.
by Mr. Bogart January 26, 2008

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1. shwag
2. dry ass pot that snaps and crackles when you burn it
1. Living in a Mexican border town, one sees a lot of snap crackle pot for sale.
2. I don't fuck with snap crackle pot. I stay rollin up that dank shit.
by Mr. Bogart June 05, 2007

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