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Playstation 2 game endorsed by the US army. Named after the Special Operations Command. Consists of teambased tactical simulatoin (ie. hostage escort, demolition defusion... ect)

The game is a nice change of pace as it is in 3rd person rather than first. Gameplay is the bigest pro, on par with the HALO games. The downsides are the fact that about half the players you encounter online are too worried about their ranks, and the server is a little laggy on weekend nites.

If you have a PS2 and broadband, I would definitly give this game a try.
Gamer 1: "This HALO is sure fun, but I'm getting tired of first person... If only there were a good alternative."
Gamer 2: "...now there is!"
by Mr. Pieguy February 22, 2005
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