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1) A completely worthless person, object or thing that is of equal or less worth than an indeterminate amount of faecal matter.

2) An informant or undercover operative; a snitch.

3) Any quantity of excrement, human or animal.
1) "You're such a piece of shit, Prime Minister."

2) "I know I'm no piece of shit, and I'm pretty sure you're OK, and I'm fucking positive you're on the level."

3) "Oh, great. A piece of shit on my best crocs."
by Mr Sifter October 29, 2011
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A subtle way to describe a state of being in which one has consumed enough alcohol to the level of being "fucked". This expression stems from the French Connection brand abbreviation "FCUK" and its similarity in spelling to the word "fuck."
"Oh look, Bill's trying to start his car using his TV remote."
"Yeah, he's pretty French Connection UK'd."
by Mr Sifter November 18, 2011
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