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Awesome japanase light sportscar. The older rear wheel drive models where the better ones, especially the third generation, in particular the RA65. With it's 2.4L EFI engine, power steering and hardcore rear wheel drive handling it is a drift machine. The RA65's W55 supra 5 speed gearbox is well geared with a grunty tall second gear and has ultra quick gear changes. The W55 is also very strong and can take hard downchanges. Sexy angular shape, pop up lights and chick pulling power it is one seriously cool car that is known everywhere.
PHWOOAARRR what a sexy beast!
by Mr Procrastination April 12, 2005
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More futile than regular crass, more fistworthy than E-crass, however its not real-because its superficial crass, like sean connerys ass.
superfucial sacrificial the official constanitial ass of crassness.
by Mr Procrastination April 09, 2005
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my ass is crass from the brown grass, it shall not pass, but alas, i fisted in mass, with forced induction, caused by the futile suction of bernhagen reproduction.
crass in the ass lets do it together. crass in the ass its not just the weather.

thats just SUPERFICIAL crass!!!!!!!
by Mr Procrastination April 09, 2005
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