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To finger fuck a blobbing biatch - useful if you have a taste for jam (see jam eater/s), or if you have run out of teabags and Dracula is coming for tea (see Vampires teabag)
"...To finger paint is not a sin,
I put my middle finger in,
your monthly blood is what I win,
I'm in your house now let me spin..."
From RHCP's Purple Stain (Californication, 1999 Warner Bros)
by Mr Blobby October 11, 2004

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During the winter months, the small pathway in Surrey referred to as Monks Walk becomes a holy grail for Thorpe Park Fanboys. They flock to it in their dozens, hoping to get a glimpse of the precious rides, and perhaps construction of new ones.

Many have been known to try jumping the fence, only to start crying when they realise that there is barbed wire, and when they get back to school having bunked off they'll have to explain the cuts.
I'm going down Monks Walk to take some photos of the construction

I went down Monks Walk earlier. Nothing to see.
by Mr Blobby January 09, 2005

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