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Saint Adam is the man who will always come thru for his people. Saint Adam doesn't try to shake you down, steal from you, or pull any bullshit. He is the man who will put your drunk ass in the taxi, slap some good cash and a chaser into the driver's hand, and make sure you get home safe. Saint Adam is not a Pimp, Slinger, or a Killer, but he knows people if you need one. He's a Gay, but he ain't trying to do you. He's all-star A-Gay and calls up the Gay Mafia to make things happen. Saint Adam is like part of the Gay Special Forces Unit, and he has one rule: "Leave no drink behind!"
"That bitch just left us standing on the curb, and Saint Adam called up the Gay Mafia, turned out the free drinks and everyone was sorted."
by Moz Posse February 08, 2010
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