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1) A very common, and sometimes aggravating response someone makes when you comment on how warm they are, or when you're trying to wake them up.

2) A triumphant cry of joy (or sometimes shock, maybe even both) when someone survives something that should've killed them on the spot either in real life or in gaming.

3) A reference to the popular Bee Gees song, Or Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." May even be useful after hearing "Another One Bites The Dust."

4) Say this after experiencing nonlinear catastrophic structural exasperation. Just DO ET.
1A) You: "Gee, Phil! Your hands are warm!"
"I'm alive, Moron."
1B) You: *Pokes your sleeping friend with a stick*

Friend: "I'm ALIVE, Adam."
You: "Darn.."

2) *Playing Left 4 Dead 2 and you fall off a building with no damage taken*

"I'm alive?! I'M ALIVE! YESS!!!"

4) *Experiences nonlinear catastrophic structural exasperation * GOODNESS GRAPENESS I'M ALIVE!!
by Mou Hitotsu April 13, 2010
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