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A cross between a fuckup and a retard. Usually someone in cyberspace that dosen't have a real clue about anything.
That fuctard dosen't know what he's talking about! He wouldn't know the difference between a CPU and an IUD!
by Moribund Infantia August 07, 2003

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The state in which a person is constantly fucking up and apologizing for it. Only to do the same thing over again and having to apologize for it again. The process then goes into a terminal loop.
Mojo may as well put that on tape and loop it. He's forever fucking up and apologizing over the same thing.
by Moribund Infantia August 11, 2003

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Any clan of a chat room like the MBL Room 12 rejects,slim, mojo, badboy,gg, sweet, robin, liz, happy.
Those fuctards are like one big happy family!
by Moribund Infantia August 08, 2003

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