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A person who has stolen the soul of a pen. This usually occurs in World Development lessons, because you can guarantee that in each perfectly lovely WD class, you'll get one maniac who enjoys preying on innocent biros. You know a pen's soul has been stolen when you can no longer write with it, after the soul-stealer has touched it. In some powerful stealers, all they have to do is look at the pen in question to steal it's soul. Fret not though, for all is not lost; you can get a new pen, and can forever call the purpetrator of the other pen's soul 'damned pen', for by stealing a pen's soul they become the pen, which is now obviously damned, having no soul, and all. Eventually the damned pen will be driven mad and thus learn from their mistakes. Hurrah!
Andy: *borrows pen and hands back to Manda*
Manda: *tries to write with pen* Good gravy, you stole it's soul!
Andy: Foiled again!!
Manda: You damned pen.
Andy: *hangs head in shame*
Fish: *chortles*
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