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A website for posting images (and occasionally videos, but they are usually frowned upon) that one thinks are funny. Then other users can "Like" or "Dislike" it. The "Vote" page is comprised of all the raw, newly uploaded posts which are then run through the gauntlet of voters. If the post gets enough likes, it moves on to the "Trending" page. This is where posts that enough people "Liked" go so that more people will get to see it and "Like" it if they want to. If it gets enough "Likes" from there, it moves on to the "Hot" page. These are the posts that have many thousands of "Likes" go and where they are immortalized. To get a post to the "Hot" page is the greatest aspiration one can have as a member of 9gag and to get one there is considered something of a badge of honor.
"9gag: Just for Fun"
by Montressor of 9gag January 10, 2012
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