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Marilyn Manson:
An extremely underrated and misjudged man.

Blamed for problems having absolutely nothing to do with him by ignorant fuck-ups who bitch about whoever doesn't fit within their social standards.

Questionable parents claim he is the reason their child becomes a heroin addicted failure, when clearly the parenting skills of said parents need to be thoroughly explained and moderated.

Most people who don't spend 5 minutes worth shit of research to find that he does not in fact sacrifice animals, worship the devil, have his ribs removed to suck himself off, or any other extreme fairy tales people have gotten away with starting.

Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) plays many instruments, sings, writes, acts, and paints. He is incredibly talented and naturally gifted. His hard work shows and I can easily say is the most genius man I have ever had the pleasure of having as a role model. No one has influenced me in such a powerful, positive way.

He is a beautiful creature that this shit-hole of a world doesn't deserve to have. He is my last hope that humanity isn't a complete waste.
Person-Wow! This is a good song? Who is it by?

Me-Marilyn Manson.

Person-(Thinking: I will now pretend his music is horrible because there are rumors about him and people may not like me for listening to him. Ughhh, no one will like me and think I'm so totally un-cool. Although, I secretly like him.)
by Monica10101010 July 23, 2011
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