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Chavs (Chavies, Kegs, Charva, Ned, Mush, Scally etc) are the (unfortunatly) most common sub culture of modern day Britain. The chav or "Council house and violent" or "Council House Average Vermin" are vicious to any other sub culture (or a person that is of no sub culture at all) to an extreme extent. "Moshers, emos, grungers and greebs" are some of their more favourite targets. They resort to violence at the first sign of when they belive they are being threatened or when the simply do not understand something (basically....they are stupid beyond all reason). The only way to avoid a confrontation with a chav is to simply not start one, if you provoke "it", "it" will retaliate with extreme force (aka until ure "beefed"). Over all chavs are very dangerous and the only way to fully avoid, or keep the peace with them is to prevent contact completly or if u have the unfortunate experience of meeting a chav, be as simple (using as many small words as possible) and vaguely polite as you can.
"Wot?" "You startin' mush?!" "Innnniiiiiittt" "I iz well a chavvy chav gangsta'" "Chavs rule"
by Miss Edith November 03, 2006

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