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The man of my dreams meaning when we are dreaming someone that a men Who is very low-key good looking, charming and handsome
For example of the man of my dreams

A girl see a men was walk through the of beach with amazing eyes, gorgeous hair, greatest Body, and He winks smile at you and you don’t know what you reacting to having crush and falling in love
by Miss Phoenix July 11, 2020
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To use the app "Tinder" to successfully talk a guy/girl into a date. Once this point has been reached, then your date has been sufficiently Tinderised.

Can be used in the context of when a person you are talking to on Tinder suddenly disappears off the face of the planet (which is somewhat inevitable), you can send them a message similar to: "so are you too busy Tinderising someone else to bother replying..?"
Friend: "hey what are you up to?"

Me: "Shhh! I'm busy Tinderising this really hot guy!!"
by Miss Phoenix January 25, 2014
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