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Total Assholes. Sellouts. Their usually listened to teenyboppers and wannabe hardcore kids. Mostly people who watch Fuse or MTV.

They like to sue and piss off everyone. They sued Napster just because of one little demo. And recently threatened to sue Wikipedia just for having some of their songs on their Backmasking page, when the idiots don't know that ANYONE can edit those pages.

They like to make fun of other bands, like Megadeth for example. And if you ask them why they will deny it like it never happend, even though there is truth to back it up.

Their songs are also way overplayed on Radio. I'm really sick of hearing "Enter Sandman", its way overrated, and there is nothing good about that song.
Metallica liked to brag about how they are the best Metal band to walk the earth, they usually did this at their concerts. And now they try to cover it up whenever someone asks them, so other bands won't beef with them. They also bash any other band who brags. They are such hypocrites.

Metallica suck. No REAL FAN of Metal would actually like them.

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Avril, a hypocritical artist who brags about something then lies about it like Metallica.
by Mirson March 24, 2006
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