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To be able to look at your biggest fear and face it in the eye. There are many definitions and many examples. WWhatt may be a challenge to one individual is unimpressive and easily overcome by another.
A typical example of bravery is facing down an enemy in battle or facing death in the eye in another for or fashion.
Another example is to completely endanger your social standing and completely ignore all social implicaions and do whatever you want
by Miroku April 18, 2003
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When used as a verb: A site that has been slashdotted has been overwhelmed with visitors to the point that it is overwhelmed and goes down for a period of time.

As a noun: A website that posts news for geeks and similar types.
My site got slashdotted because a download I hosted was in very high demand.

Slashdot.com just posted an article about the new Geforce 6800 series.
by Miroku December 27, 2005
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