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Nilbog is 'Goblin' spelt backwards.

In 1989 an Italian-American director working under the pseudonym Drake Floyd made an extremely low budget horror-fantasy film with comic touches, nominally called 'Troll 2', although its an unrelated sequel to the 1986 film Troll.

The film involves a very straight, though angsty American family visiting a tiny farming village run by wicked vegetarian trolls that seek to turn their victims into half plant-half human mutants and then gorge on the hideous green-sludge remains.

Despite being made for only a few hundred thousand dollars, and featuring mostly non-actors and unknowns, Troll 2 is a cult classic and has a small fanbase throughout the world.
"Are you crazy boy? We're vegetarians here in Nilbog. Didn't you know that?"
by Miraculous Mike December 06, 2012
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