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A scrawny girl with a very spastic personality. Usually with the rodent like habits of scurrying away from objects/people, stealing and hiding food from others so she can eat it later, and biting others upon being irritated.
Some common physically characteristics include: Small body, short height, hair coloring similar to that of the rodent, fast metabolism, sharper than average teeth and nails.
Prone to excessive biting.
Gets upset when name is misspelled.
"See that girl? Yea, she's such a Gerbil. No, no, seriously! She f*cking bit me yesterday!"
by Minxii January 12, 2009

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Pronounced- Luv-Lahy
1. A homosexual man with an unusually eager sex drive, usually with a larger than average penis.

2. A fictional gay character created by a girl on deviantArt.

3. The 'man' in a homosexual relationship where the 'woman' is hyper-active with small penis.
1. "Wow! That guy is such a Luvleh!"

2. "SadisticNinja's new role-play character is sure Luvleh!"

3. "Yea, I'm pretty sure that one is the Luvleh."
by Minxii January 12, 2009

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