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1. Poor sad scared little person who never takes the time out to enjoy the diversity, excitement and establishments and atmosphere of a great city because they rush home in fear for their lives to their cloned "boxes" of cookie cutter houses the immediate 22 seconds after work.

2.A conceited, self-centered paranoiac who view themselves as so important that they assume that all city people automatically want to take the time out of their day to rob or shoot them at every city corner.
Working guy:"Hey Dave, me and the guys are gonna head down to this great restaurant on 25th and Madison after work, wanna come ?"

Working Suburbanite guy Dave:"Are you kidding me ? You guys can go down there and get shot,and get mugged and all of the above if you want to but I'm going to go home to the safety of my quiet boring street and be with my wife who I know is cheating on me with my neighbor because I can't satisfy her but I pretend not to notice and my children who I know are doing drugs in the basement but I ignore it and pretend I have the perfect family!"

Working guy:"Okay...you have fun with that
by MindShaft August 19, 2008
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