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W.O.H. = "Waste of Hot". Can also stand for "Waste of Hotness". A person (generally a male) who does not use their attractiveness, or hotness, to its maximum potential. Generally, their hotness is eclipsed by their stupidity, or being in a relationship that doesn't enhance their hotness.

If said "hot" persons are not realizing their full potential in careers that do not cater to their assets, they are considered a "WOH". Acceptable careers include male stripping, lifeguarding, personal trainer, Hollywood beefcake acting with an allergy to shirts.

Likewise, if a "hot" person is just sitting there, not applying oneself to spreading the hot, showing/and/or sexing it around, they are squandering their potential, hence, "WOH".
For example:
A.) You see a really hot dude, amazing body, great smile- But, as soon as he opens his mouth is so stupid and boring that he's a "WOH".
B.) Brad Pitt in "Tree of Life". Totally Waste Of Hot. He should always be in just shirtless movies (see: Legends of the Fall). Examples of persons who have done this correctly are Alexander Skarsgard in "True Blood", and Michael Fassbender in "Shame". Bravo, gentleman, bravooooo.
by MillyPants December 06, 2013
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