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An interesting character that seems to be obsessed with all things pink. It is not uncommon for an Angela to surround herself with pink objects, such as drink bottles, key rings, clothing and hair accessories. They are particularly fond of red meat (medium rare so it is pink). However under no circumstances should they be given caffeine as they will go a bit la la (and become an Angielala). They will refuse all offers of hot drinks, and prefer water or vodka jelly (raspberry or strawberry of course). If more then one Angela is present in a social, educational or work environment they must be numbered. E.g. Angela 1, Angela 2, Angela 2 and so on. Otherwise they will get confused. Like a prayer is the Angela Anthem - and if this song is played in public they may perform the secret Angela/Madonna dance.
"Where did my pink insert any object here go???" "Oh an Angela probably took it."

"What should I get Angela for her birthday?" "I think a pink insert any object here would be a good idea."
by Millie Platt February 04, 2010

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