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A mexican (but usually any person of latin american decent) who dresses in hand-me-down clothes and fake jordans, usually the same thing everyday. Not all hispanics are cholos though, as cholos are usually douchebags, people who believe that as a latin american they have the god given right to fight anyone that stands in their way. Cholos are usually hated by white and black people alike and they only associate with other cholos. they are a huge problem in american high schools, but considering they are in fact cholos, you wont see them after graduation. usually can speak fluent english but decide not to.
cholo: aye meng what good
white person: stfu cholo
cholo: aye meng ill break chor face
white person: COOOL
cholo: really? im cool? o dios mio im cool!!!
by Mikey_Butders October 18, 2012
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