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1. One of the most affluent counties in the country. Once in the top 5 overall wealthiest, now ranks at number 11. Although over 90% of households in the county are well above the national average yearly income, there are several areas in the eastern side of the county which are below the national average(Silver Spring, Kensington, Montgomery Village, and Wheaton). MoCo also has areas which boast average individual incomes over $86,000/yr. Putting the cities of Olney, Bethesda, and Potomac in the top 200 highest average idividual income in the nation, with a population over 10,000.
A recent study by MSN has shown that in order to live the lifestyle that a $100,000/yr would provide the average American, you would need to make more that $150,000/yr. Putting MoCo in the top 3% in the nation.
by Mikey Jackman December 11, 2006

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