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What to call people when there are being a twat. Usually describes someone that does something that requires a friendly reminder that they are being a vagina.

Why you get called a twatermelon:

1. Not following bros before hos.
2. Leaving a party early.
3. Not making a move on a girl.
4. Acting like you are drinking at party when you are really just trying not to look like a twat.
"Come over to my house. Mike is about fight some douche."

"I cant, I told Sara I would hang out with her tonight."

"John, don't be a twatermelon. Get your ass over here."

"O.K. I wont puss out."
by Mikey Bartlett January 13, 2008

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The act of using morning wood to pound the chick in bed next to you. This chick is typically a wife or girlfriend because if it was a one-night-stand, the chick would be gone already.
One jolly-hard fellow wakes up in the morning and sees his hot-ass women still sleeping. He wakes her up with a few kisses down her neck and whispers: "Hey babe, Let's Wake N Mate."
by Mikey Bartlett October 16, 2010

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A Soap-Opera for men.

High School and College Wrestling is not gay, but Pro Wrestling definatly is queer because it is not a sport anymore, it is the same as Days of our Lives.

Bob and Rob were gonna go to their favorite bar, but they decided against it because they could not miss the Pay-Per-View death of Vince McMahon. That is professional wrestling.
by Mikey Bartlett June 30, 2007

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