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A website that Im sure had good intentions from the start, but was over ran by self loathing morons, so now its a bunch of rubbish where people sit there and type long definitions about anything completly bad mouthing it. They will make detialed definitions about how much of a moron or pedo or fag you are for using chatango, or your an attention whore for using myspace, or your a fat loser addicted to WoW(aka) world of warcrack but that is only to hide from their deep seated self hatred for themselves, they will rip on all these things, but then give definitions that give the reader the notion that they were once part of the same things their hating on, turning them into hypcrotical self haters, theres nothing worse.... its apparent in many of the definitions that most of them are retards who are buttsore from some bad experince they have had using such things, so they deciede to come here and hate on it.
1. This definition.

2. (buttsore jerk) omg!!!!! someone hacked my WoW account and gave away all my stuff ='( excuse me while I go post some hatefull shit on urban dictionary about how shitty this game is because Im a dumb ass who used my account name as a password =(

3.(buttsore jerk number 2) wow!!! that chick on facebook totally dissed me calling me an ugly faggot loser with no friends I gotta go to urban dictionary and post about how everyone who uses facebook is an attention whore to make myself feel better!

4.(buttsore jerk number 3) nobody likes me on chatango because I troll around on it like the little fag I am with no life, I know! I'll go to urban dictionary

5.(buttsore jerk number 4) I hate myself.... =(
by Mikestfuilikethisname November 24, 2010
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