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The 4th floor of the all male Pinchot Dorm located at the Pennsylvania State University. These hooligans wreaked havoc all across the dorm with excessive drinking, fireworks, drunken shenanigans, a ton of illegal substances, as well as numerous arrests. The inferno residents can not be matched. Nicknamed "the inferno" it is well known across all of campus and many people love to party in the inferno. The inferno is home to the sacred futon where many ladies have visited and had a pleasurable experience. Also residing in the inferno is the infamous "Mitch". Mitch is loved by all inferno members and all who dare enter the inferno.
Nicole C is an inferno bitty.
Yo lets go the inferno tonight and get shwasted.
Lets get blasted at the Pinchot Inferno!
We did start the fire at Pinchot Inferno!
by Mike of the Inferno May 06, 2007

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