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When someone clocks you (punches you out of action) in the cock.

Often a sucker punch of some kind as well, i.e. by surprise, misdirection, sudden 3rd party assist, etc. --- but it might just be because you suck at self defense.
The fight was over before it started when Sarah cock clocked the dude who called her a whore. "I am a prostitute not a whore. I am professional and I get paid to open my mouth or legs fool."

Lil' Bro you only got one chance in this fight - cock clock that bastard while he is looking at the ref reciting the rules.

It was an even fight until Barry stepped out of the crowd and grabbed Louis from behind while Doug cock clocked him. The Principal actually let Barry and Doug off punishment for showing the smart way to end a fight quick and without false pride.

Dude that cheerleader cock clocks you every time she sees you. I am embarrassed to know a guy so bad at fighting and defending himself from a simple crotch shot.
by Mike Tyson Jr February 09, 2010

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