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Proper Name for a City on the Bosporus Straits between Europe and Asia. Under occupation by Muslim invaders for more than 600 years now. At the hands of these captives, it is and has been the site of racist anti-Christian Pogroms, Genocide, and government-sanctioned looting and destruction of property of any and all of the Christian churches there. Proper ownership of this city would either go to the Hellenic Republic (Greece), possibly Rossiya, the Russian Orthodox Church, or The Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church. If the English and French were not dumbasses, Imperial Russia would have finished off the Ottoman dogs in the 17th or 18th Century, but leave it to those French Toads and English Twits to screw everything up. Wait to go England and France, if it wasn't for your selfish ends, you could have saved many Christians! How arbitrary is this, when the Greeks go for Independence, the English and the British assholes decide to help Russia achieve her ultimate goal of a free Christian eastern europe.
The proper name of the city located on the Bosporus Strait is Constantinople.

The only rightful owners of Constantinople are Christians.

by Mihail Alexsandrovich Toronov February 09, 2007
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