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A social disease that affects millions of people - both male and female - that cockblocks a man or a woman from seducing or romancing a member of the opposite sex. Oneitis, is that social malady that results in a feeling that this person is totally special and unique and therefore one must not mess up anything with them. These confused "messed up" feelings then often mess up the chances of a person seducing their romantic victim brcause after all thier emotionjs tell them that they cannot be too careful, gentle, and that they cannot "act too foolish." OFten, Oneitis also confuses a person by making them worry too much about what other people will think of them or worse what thier romantic victim will think of them, and thus that simply cannot do what is necessary to seduce thier romantic prey.

Normally, a person does not get over oneitis until they are fairly sexually and romantically experienced with several partners - that is because at that point a person may realize they are not that different from each other, the romantic victims, and that each of them was not special and unique, and if one is to seduce their romantic victims and have their romantic victim in thier hands they must not develop oneitis. In other words, oneitis is often overcome with experience and practice - that is what a seducer must accomplish if they are to truly be a master of their craft.

Some helpful advice for getting over oneitis during a seduction is never stop flirting with other members of the opposite sex, never close yourself off, never say that this is the one. Never stop meeting members of the opposite sex and so on.

After a seduction is over and you are now broken up you may develop oneitis thinking that that was the one. You can get over that by meeting new members of the opposite sex, flirting with new membersm, meeting and entertaining them.

THe general advice for getting over oneitis commonly heard is to meet up to ten members of the opposite sex, seduce each one and have sex with each one as soon as you can, one after the other. I do not recommend going that far it does not take that much, it is forwned upon because it is cheating, and because oneitis can affect a male or a female seducer at any point in a seduction.
Like I said, Oneitis can affect a seducer at any point in one of his or her seductions. Thus, I will not belabor the point with numerous examples, but we all now the one were we see the perfect seduction victim, we plan to approach them, we get cold feet, over analyze, and over worry and we never do anything - that is one example of oneitis.

Oneitis has it's origins as a word and a concept in the seduction community, where it was first discovered and analyzed by accomplished and acclaimed seducers.
by Mickey Black May 24, 2006

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by Mickey Black May 16, 2006

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