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An amazing seven people group. The songs they have,
usually include sex,scene,myspace. Some songs though,
such as My Black Dahlila is about losing love.
Lyrical Genius - Charlie Scene
Sweet Talker - J-Dog
Loud Mouth - Da Kurlzz
Singer - Tha Producer
African Baritone - Funny Man
The Server- Johnny 3 Tears
yet, they have masks to cover their face.
love 'em. :]
don't care if you thumbs down this thing.
If you listen to Hollywood undead, you wouldn't expect this now would you?"I really appreciate everyone who showed up to the shoot. It was the funnest day of my life. I was really happy to see everyone in masks, singing our songs. Fuck I had so much fun. To the kid with the J-Dog mask, Ill still give you the mic. . .We also picked up a few kids and took them back to my house. That was pretty funny. The whole band was really happy with the outcome. Thanks again and the whole band couldn't be happier with the way things worked out." J Dog- "I love you kids that came out, especially the fans that came from out of state to see us going nuts crowdsurfing and screaming your heads off. Hanging out and talking to you after was the coolest thing and taking pictures and signing your masks." WE FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!! Da Kurlzz- ...........Thank you so much for everything, we love you ,,,,,stay undead.

by Michhhelle October 18, 2006

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