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MCR fans are fans of MCR because of the music. Yes, there will be some people who are all "zomgz frankie is so hawt" or complaining about how "Gerard doesn't look hot anymore with blond hair".
They're obviously not proper fans of the music. A lot of people are fans of MCR, because MCR saved their life. Thats what they are there for. The band saved their own lives, and are there to help other people.
My Chemical Romance fans: My Chemical Romances new album rocks!
Not a proper My Chemical Romance fan: zomgz I havent heard it yet! Did you see wat Gerrald Way did to his hair?! It sucks he doesnt look hawt now. Oh well I've still got Frankie to obsess over like a stupid teenie!
by Michelle<3 September 01, 2006

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