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A Male, normally of Black, African descent. Dispite his hilarious nature, he is actually very intelligent.this guy is a great all around person. He's funny, smart, and very kind. Only unless you piss him off, then he'll go off on you like no tomorrow. He's strong as hell and he'll kick your ass if you mess with him, so you've been warned. he's still a great guy. When I say he's funny he is hilarious. He likes playing video games and hanging with his friends. He's easy to understand. he's trustful, and very bright, so you can trust him on advice. Considered by most to be almost godly in nature his dick is massive and his ability to pleasure women is legendary though only a few have experienced this righteous act of manlyness.
He's suck a khoury
by Miachelhackit527 December 26, 2016

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