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The name Jagoda has its origin in 1657 when a lot of polish drunken people were sitting together and had a little Mad Dogs party. They were thinking desperately about a name which would perfectly fit to a girl who can drink more vodka than any other human being and is still able to ride a bycicle made for a five year old.

Finally they got it --> Jagoda!

Since then it is the duty of every Jagoda to justify these expectations. That is why most if the Jagodas nowadays are not able to survive any more without a certain amount of vodka per day.

Beside the gift to be able to consume huge amounts of alkohol the Jagodas are famous for being super-funny, lovely and warm hearted persons. Sometimes they even cross long distances, for example to Finland just to make sure that some exchange students are going to have a wonderful, crazy and unforgettable time.
a special Jagoda who is in Finland right now!
by MiMuMadDogs December 03, 2010
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