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A person that is usually a male which is short for francisco like the city san francisco the gayest city in the world. A person named francis is usually a wannabe hypebeast/gangster that wears LRG jackets with shoes on wings and takes pictures in front of a mirror with his parent's camera and attracts ugly females/males, but mostly males. On occasions Francis will dye his hair purple and show his true homosexuality. Usually Francis "hangs out with the nerd herd" and they all look alike and share the same gumpy interests.
Jack: Hey guys! Seen the new Francis in town?
John: Yeah isn't his name Alec?
Jill: The Francis was always copying my clothes!
Jack: Yeah I saw you wear the pink Hollister top and the next day Francis wore it.
Lindsay: Yeah Francis is also always wearing that same LRG jacket with shoes and wings on it, kinda gumpy looking.
John: Yeah sounds kind of like Alec.
by Mexican Haters March 05, 2008
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