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El jefe is a boss/leader who earns the respect of the subordinates through real leadership and conradery through video games, typically Halo. As opposed to Mi Jefe, who's your basic supervisor who earned the job by just being there, el jefe actually gives a fuck about who you are, nows your last name and remembers that shit you did 10 months ago when a promotion comes up. El jefe can also tell apart those subordinates that suck up to him in order to get some of that leadership power, and focuses on those that just show up and get er done.
Strengths : money, social skills, English, tamil

Weaknesses : new associates wanting to usurp his position mascareding as legit workers.
El jefe said we getting a raise this year.

That dude right there is not mi jefe, he is el jefe
by Mex raced June 09, 2020
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