1 definition by Mercenary Neuron Heuristics

It's a phenomenon where some bitch ass dumbfuck inefficient evil-as-hell motherfuckin' garbage of a company,

When they decide to fuck with humanity, it's pretty low quality.

This applies to all hotels that are theoretically possible to exist.
"Yo brah, that fuckin' Low Quality Inn broke my fucking backpack strap. A conservative estimate of the damages are around $999999999999 billion US dollars. According to modern tort law, the Low Quality Inn is responsible for restoring the backpack to exactly how it was. Down to the quantum spin, the lovable avatar of holding shit, ummmmmm..... and another backpack from the same batch needs to be bought from someone for like 1 gold, then you have to carefully transplant the intentions so you don't fuck with the consequence chain that was so delicately placed there. Honestly, fuck 'em all to death.
by Mercenary Neuron Heuristics October 30, 2018
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