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Daniel Day Lewis is a god among men. He lives with mankind, tricking them into believing he's just another human being. He most certainly has killed a man. He has collected enough scalps to fill a tanned and cured bear's stomach.

After becoming President of the United States, he went into a Baltimore Best Buy and just started freeing employees.

No one knows what DDL did with the eye he carved out of himself to prepare for Gangs of New York. Nor does anyone know the name of the drifter he plucked his new eye from, optic nerve still attached, pausing only to turn it back on the man, so his last sight was his own horrified visage.

Daniel Day Lewis is the REAL Chuck Norris. He ripped his own face off just to make a point but it immediately grew back into the handsome, badass visage we know and love today.
Guy: Hey, who is that badass dude that looks just like Abraham Lincoln?

Girl: That's Daniel Day Lewis, method acting his way into another Oscar. Don't mess with him because he will kill you and eat your face off.
by Mephisto and Kevin January 22, 2013
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