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A complete wasteman with no concept of reality. Thinks kobe bryant can sing (haha). Cannot pronouonce the word 'Recession'. He is a facebook historian. His dad is the bomb ;).
However, when it comes down to the real shiz he is my nigga!. He is a complete gentleman at heart but is easily pushed over by empowering women (Rochelle). ok dassit bye.
p.s. Has a thing for 'Big booty hoes' (see song, 2 chainz feat kanye west). And thats all he wants for his birthday. and he is FIT!!!!
Moonnoon has the charachteristics, attributes and looks of a female dog, Thats why he is a little bitch.

An example of moonnoon is Norbit.
by Mena1994 March 04, 2013

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