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A show that was on nickelodeon in the early and mid-90's. The show was about a group of kids in summer camp, and stared Kirk Baily as Ug, Venus DeMilo as Telly Radford, Erik MacArthur as Michael Stein, Danny Cooksey as Budnick, Michael Bower as 'Donkeylips' Gelfen, Heidi Lucas as Dina Alexander, Blake Sennett as Ronnie Pinsky, and Ben Stein as Dr. Kahn.

It's considered by most people as one of the classic shows that nickelodeon had before turning to complete garbage.
Blake Sennett, who played Pinksy on Salute Your Shorts and was a semi-regular guest star on Boy Meets World, now plays in the bands Rilo Kiley and The Elected.
by Melsay October 27, 2006
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