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embarassment to Canada
HUGE sell out. Talking badley about Britney, Jessica, Christina, etc. for havign their "sexy blond haired image" and then she goes out and dyes her hair bleached blonde and poses for maxim with her boobs hangin out? Sell out! You know why, because they ALL sell out at some point, because that's where the money is.

Also, she writes very bad lyrics (they all rhyme like a Dr.Suess book) and she can't sing! her voice is TERRIBLE! she'll sing as well as any of the rest of us can, adding a little "I-e-i-e-i" in every once in a while because she has no actual singing talent to change the range of her voice....her voice is nothing more than a normal average nothing special voice.

The only thing I respect about her is that she can play music, unlike many other singers, but if she were "punk" as she says, she would be in a band and not just be known on her own, because true music lovers are the ones who are in bands, writing their own thoughtful music, not careing so much about fame and being "hot". I really think the only people who like her are teens who also look up to ashlee simpson who they also think is "punk" (another blonde sell out that can't sing) (noticed how they ALL end up looking exactly the same? Long blonde curls and fancy clothes).

She sucks. I mean, in every interview i see she has her head down and doesn't look at the camera...how can someone like that be in show biz? She always looks so mean and 'badass' in her videos, it's actually pretty hilarious that she trys to look bad but I know she actually does care what people think or she wouldn't be trying to look like malibu barbie.

Anyways, all in all, she really bugs me, and whenever I see her on TV, i wanna puke. No talent, not hot, and just ungrateful for everything she has. SELL OUT!Canada can do better!
Avril is Britney Spears but not as sexy. Christina Aguilera without the talent.
by MeganJean August 14, 2006

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