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1)A guy who has it well with the female gender
2) Has a mastery over a ablilty that is considered good.
3) Skuxness- A natural aura that only those who are well known to have
4) Can be used as a insult
5) A prettyboy who overdresses for the occasion.
6) Is a pro in the affairs of people.
1)You know, he was being a Skux to all the ladies.
2)...Is a Skux on the guitar.
3)Man when i'll be walking into a room the music will go quiet, and everybody will be feeling my skuxness.
4)(Embarrising Moment) Hey bro your a Skux.
5) We had our flad gears when this fella over here came all skux with his gears.
6)He's a Skux bro, he has all the hook-ups.

by Mega-Skux-SM June 29, 2003
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