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An outgoing girl with a crazy streak. She's a brunette and has gorgeous curves. She may seem intense and too forward but she's a kind soul at heart. She's very strong in what she believes and is friendly to everyone unless you decide to mess with HER people. She has a very creative mind, but maybe likes to keep her inventive thoughts to herself. Everyone likes to be friends with her because she's honest and very accepting. Once you're in her click, she'll never leave you behind and always look after you, but in the way she wants to do it. It's awesome to have a friend named Scotia because you know she'll always be there.
"Wow that girl's crazy cool!"
"What's her name?"
"Her name's probably Scotia."
"You should go talk to her!"
"I don't want her to yell in my face!"

"Omg! Scotia's so funny!"
"I know! She's hilarious!"
by Maybe76 April 20, 2019

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