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Sin City is by far one of the greatest songs ever made about the city of 'Las Vegas.' Made popular by the rap group 'Phyzical Thurapy' Sin City talks about everything from being at Wet Republic at MGM during the day to the fabulous lifestyle of doin' it Big at the Jet Nightclub during the Las Vegas nightlife. It has been played at numerous nightclubs on the Las Vegas strip, and is a very popular song in the club scene in Las Vegas.
Their website where you can hear the song: www.phyzicalthurapy.com

Lyrics to their song "Sin City"

Gon' Gon' Gon' / Get it on / We in Sin City / All the girls look pretty / and tonight I'm gonna Gon' Gon' Gon' / Get it on / I ain't gonna sleep / I don't wanna miss a thing
by Matt Joah June 27, 2011
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