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A suburb of the 'city' of sunderland. The government from the hick town have recently decided that a large section of pennywell is to be knocked down as it is infested with scruffy vermin. (and I haven't even started with the animals!)
think of hell
now think worse than hell
keep thinking
you got it?

thats pennywell
by Matt Cobb March 14, 2005
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A 'wannabe' mackem (person of a town that thinks its a city, Sunderland). Also usually much more welcoming than your average brummie, wurzel, cockney, manc, scouser or smoggie. Often renowned for being friendly and outgoing and with a fondness for the odd beer or 20, geordies make the UK what they are. Geordies can often be found in St James' Park cheering on Newcastle United and are the most dedicated fans in the land.

Geordie is also the most liked dialect in the UK as in a recent poll
Afta worrk ahm gannin doon tha pub forra pint with tha lads then gann yairm ta spend sum fam-il-ee time with wor lass nd tha bairns like a good parent should.

Ah might allso gan bray some daft mackums hu tryed ta torrch me hoos and tha smoggie hu tryed to fiddle with lirrul Stu!
by Matt Cobb March 09, 2005
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