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cartoon created by strong bad. About a group of four stupid teen girls, who dies in weird ways
I think I have a chance with this guy....ARROWED
by Matt Brown May 11, 2003
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mad little man seen on the homestarrunner cartoons. Wears boxing gloves, says "what the crap" and beats people up. also enjoys swiss cake rolls.
Hello strong bad. can I borrow your fondue pot again?
by Matt Brown May 11, 2003
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Most talented nu-metal band on earth, meaning they rank somewhere between shitty and awful. Althogh the core members of their band are pretty talented in their own respects, I.E. Joey and Mick, when they come together, it's the musical equivalent of getting raped. Commonly refered to as death metal, they lack the technicality, the brutality, and the speed needed to be death metal.
I saw a video of Mick from Slipknot doing some 6 string sweeps in the phygrian mode, wow, he's pretty good, damn shame he's being held down by his label.
by Matt Brown January 30, 2005
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