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-Expressing your utmost love and affection for former girlfriend of the indie glam rock icon, Robert Carmine. This includes creating a theme song for her and encouraging her philanthropic efforts with slow, dramatic applause.

-Living the Crimmy lifestyle, takin no crap from n00bs, being unsupportive of Lucie and Robin when they superimpose your face onto pictures of men found under "Creepy Pedophiles" on google images.
"Last night I snuck into the McBroom household and crooned an Old English lullaby to Jen, nearing the peak of Jenppreciation."

n00b: I like I love Rock and Roll by Pat Benetar

Jen: omfgz its britney spers u dumb neb

n00b: wtfs?

Jen: LOL

by Matt Winter July 03, 2005

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