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A style of music conceived after Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart had passionate, time traveling, inanimate sex with classic Rock albums from Bands ranging from ACDC to Lynyrd Skynyrd. The resulting child has guitar riffs that make Hellen Keller listen again, songs that speak volumes without saying a word, and (If you listen with your eyes closed) the music will give a high so high that you can throw piss bombs on Stealth Bombers as you experience an eargasm so profound that your mind will be blow, reformed, then blown again. In other words: Post-Rock is the musical equal to a Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick to the unprotected groin.

Man 1: Hey kid listen to this. *Extends earphones playing blissful utterances of Angels (AKA Post Rock)

Boy 2: Okay bro *Places blissful musical blissfulness into his virgin ears*

*Boy magically transforms into Man and learns answers to life's age old question's: The egg came before the chicken because it takes a rooster to make the egg an embryo. The price off eggs in China is $0.00- You get eggs given to you by the Honorable Chairman, not bought you ignorant capitalists. Solo did shoot first.*

The two men then look into each others eyes. Nod agreeably then part ways. Brothers in Rock. Enlightened and bonded forever.
by MasterLuigi January 30, 2012

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