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1.(N)One who kills it.
2.One who destroys the mood of a conversation with extreme prejudice.
Agustin, Chris, Timmy, and Tony are all fine exaples of social terrorists
by Master Of Puppets June 19, 2006
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while two people are passed out drunk a third party makes the two aforementioned parties participate in sexual acts on each other.
I just marionette those two drunk people, i think they enjoyed the marionette
by master of puppets June 03, 2012
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17 year old peadofile who fools around with children in the 6-12 year old age bracket. typically works undercover for matalan. lives in an area unmapped by the world which is undergoing major plans to be lazered around and wiped off the face off the earth. eats shit from a camels ass with a teaspoon. tramp.
oh look its dossor the scruff boy tramp
by Master of puppets July 14, 2004
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