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Is a Very Beautiful Redbone Female that Is a Master n Street Knowledge!!!! The Queen over powers a Trap House!!!! The Queen stay's n the hive aka center of the bed wear'n a hoodie sit'n indian style!!!! The work'n 🐝'z bring the proceeds and whatever the Queen needs to the hive to make that honey sweeter!!! If the Trap gets raided the Queen escapes and her workers are stuck with the charges!!!!!!
My Trap Queen is a Master of Street Knowledge!!!! She brained washed all them duck's!!!!! She escapes the Trap still being free as a 🐝!!!!!! The King and Queen leagally lives a lavish lifestyle!!!!!
by Master Hood King February 03, 2018

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A Master Sugar Baby is a Female or Male!!!! That has a Loyal relationship with a non-sugar daddy!!!! A Master Sugar Baby get clustard n Diamonds and gets wealthy off Sugar Daddy riches!!!! Ur not a sugar baby if ur on drugs!!! Ur considered a Natrual Born Whore that has no self respect!!!! There is nothing wrong of being a Sugar Baby as long as the Master Sugar Baby and her full time non-sugar daddy man lives off the riches!!!!
Me and My Baby are Master Sugar Getters!!!! My Looks are very vaulable!!!!! Any Sugar Daddy that wants what I ❤ it cost for his wealth!!!!!! My Sugar Baby Candy Box is a Market for Lavish Liv'n!!!!
by Master Hood King February 04, 2018

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