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a meme genre that takes a giga-century to understand. comprised with images that are seizure inducing, some with the same pink-blue hue. common ones include: meme man and orang, misspelled words, and a popular character doing the t-pose
surreal memes are cool and good

(cool and good is also a surreal meme)
by MashuKiddo January 7, 2019
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elmer fudd hammers a wood plank on bugs bunny's "hole" and says "that'll hold 'em all right" in his famous stutter, and then 40's cartoon physics apply and bugs bunny comes out normal, then gets fat, looking like a mockery of elmer and says "that'll hold 'em all right" in elmers tone. when bugs bunny laughs (as mockery, again) thats the image they made famous of big chungus
Meme Factory like me: big chungus is epic

practitioner of chungism: is god

Meme factory like me: chungus among us is the best season 5 spongebob squarepants episode
by MashuKiddo January 7, 2019
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