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A large public school in a small town in the middle of nowhere where people think it's cool to wear camo to both school and prom, not just in the woods. Words and phrases like "red up" and "it's all" are typical of these PA Bible Belt students, who most would consider sheltered hicks. There are countless cliques typical of any school, and the popular crowd goes to Shippensburg University on the weekends for parties. Almost entirely Christian, partying is kept secret and students might as well wear a letter A on their clothes if they have sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Most students drive trucks and American Eagle is considered preppy. The football team sucks and the school district wasted their money on a new turf field and pretty architecture instead of new books and smart teachers. But that's okay, most of the students are pretty dumb anyway and end up staying there their whole lives. Most students are at least third generation CASHS students. Students spend their free time playing a sport, smoking, or lying to their parents to keep up their Christian persona. Fyi: There's nothing to do.
Students from Chambersburg Area Senior High School

Student 1: Oh my GOSH, did you hear about Brittany and Matt?
Student 2: Oooh, tell me!
Student 1: They got caught having sex this weekend at Shippensburg University and their parents are making them go to youth group now!
Student 2: Good, maybe God will forgive them.
Student 1: Yeah . . . wanna go muddin' this weekend?
Student 2: Only if we go shopping at American Eagle first.

Student 1: Amen.
by Marshall Winkler June 15, 2011
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